The Year Technology Hated Me But I Had Fun Anyway

This year has been amazing, of course. All years seem to be amazing!

It started in a pretty special way with a visit to the famous Riff Raff statue in Hamilton, NZ. The year continued in its magic: I became a DJ, started learning Te Reo Maori, took my clothes off in public, bench coached some more roller derby (even skated around a little bit too), watched a lot of horror movies, talked about sex education and gender everywhere I went, got some gorgeous new tattoos and started learning to drive.

I met some incredible young people, some incredible old people and a few incredible medium people.

Technical issues plagued my music-making throughout the whole year and I thought more than one time that the universe was trying to tell me something bad.

But then I did some Maths and it told me that it wasn’t.

Here’s some links to some things:

I Made You A Mixtape (video – with giggling)

I Made You A Mixtape (audio – with full tracks)

Boom Boom Room Burlesque

James Bishop Tattoo

Radio Control

Te Wananga o Aotearoa

Thanks to everyone who was a part of 2015, especially Maim Town, Skittles, Homo and Colleen; Lola and the Boom Boom Room lovelies; Trissel and Palmy YOSS; and of course the Swampton whanau. Y’all saved my life in more ways than you can ever know.

And yet again a plane ticket sits on my bedside table daring me not to leave.

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