What a week!

I’ve mostly been hanging out with friends and chilling in my April room in South London, which is much fancier than anywhere I’ve ever lived (yes, even including The Penthouse back in the day – because it’s got some soul, rather than just being a charisma-less flash new building).

Anyway…on Wednesday I had the honour of accompanying two BAFTA Games nominees to the pre-awards party.

Twin brothers, Peter and Robert Curry have a New Zealand-based game development company called Dinopolo Club, under which they released a game called Mini Metro. It lost out (at the awards the following night) to Her Story, the much lauded game by Sam Barlow. I also met a pair of Canadian game developers who were there as nominees for their game Keep Talking Game.

Although he wasn’t at the event, it’s important to note that Mini Metro’s sound was designed by the wonderfully talented Disasterpiece and I now have dreams of heading over to New York on a pilgrimage to ask him to make me his apprentice.

It was a great night in a super glamorous location with lots of champagne and nerding out. I was basically in my heaven.

On my way home, in a magical twist of fate, I crossed paths with the first fox I’ve seen since being back. It was beautiful and we held eye contact for a long time before it toddled off to find a late tea.

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