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Writing Again…

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016

Just over 27 hours later, I stepped off the plane in Heathrow Airport after 3.25 years in New Zealand. It was 4.50am.

I’m grounded. At peace inside my own body and mind. It’s a strange feeling after spending over 30 years being a crazy Tasmanian-Devil-style-hyperactive-ball-of-mess.

I’m calm now, I listen. These are the things Aotearoa New Zealand gave me, along with the seeds of understanding about what colonisation is and the impact it continues to have on indigenous people around the world.

But aside from these changes, I am hungry. Hungry for a city, a real city. With all the dirt and diversity and dancing.

And I’m writing again…

Afternoon Tunes

Sunday, February 1st, 2015


Tune in to Radio Control every Friday 2pm-4pm (NZ time) to catch me and Felix from SODA BOYZ playing some of our favourite tunes and chatting about fun stuff.

I realise I haven’t done a 2014 post so I should probably do some shout-outs right now to make up for it. Last year was full of many exciting things, new friendships, adventures, music, laughter, and lots and lots of food.

Massive thanks for the inspirations everyone, especially: Buska Dimes, Big Friendlies, Vera Williams, Given Names, Fantails, Slower Motion, and all the people at PBS (Melbourne) and Radio Control (Palmerston North) who introduce my ears to music I hadn’t heard before.

The next 11 months will be mostly Maths and Physics. There will be more music but for now I must go shove my head in some books so I can try to make sense of the universe.

Remember, go outside and look up.

Peace x

A Year Upside Down

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

2013 was spent in the glorious, most beautiful, breathtaking yet easy-going place I’ve ever been. The year at the Edge Of The World.

I watched some films, some TV shows and read some books. I even listened to a bunch of new music and some old music. This year though, my lists are just one and the theme is just me. And I am proper grateful for everything the universe has sent me.

1. I saw lots of mountains and the ocean. I saw things I’ve never even dreamed of. I did real physical outdoors work for the first time in my life. I wrote about some of it on the internet: Bimbling Along

2. I wrote some things that people liked enough to publish: the girls are and Hit and Miss

3. I played a packed gig in an important bar

4. I played a tiny gig to an audience of one in a very very important bar

5. I taught some incredible people how to speak and sing, then I set up a choir

6. I went on lots of beautiful, funny roadtrips and weekends away

7. I saw a screening of a film that changed my whole perspective on the world and I made the filmmaker become my friend

8. I was bench coach for 2 roller derby bouts with some of the best skaters in the country

9. I set up a new jeerleading squad the Rumbles and then let them fly by themselves

10. I survived the biggest storms I’ve been in and My First Ever Earthquakes (peaking at a not-too-shabby 6.5). I looked at the biggest, most stunning skies and sunsets I’ve ever seen

11. I filled in heaps of seemingly boring but actually exciting long forms

12. I made a whole bunch of new friends and learned how much I love my existing ones

13. I learned the difference between cultures who build stuff to claim land and cultures who live alongside the land with respect for nature and science

14. Cats. Lots and lots of cats.

15. I spent some time with a very special, kind and generous Hot Boy who repeatedly changes my life and who is, before you ask, definitely a Harley


The year ahead holds many incredible surprises and I am filled with hope and reinvigorated ambition and thirst for more travel, adventure and bravery.

2014 will be The Year Folded In Half and it will be THE BEST YEAR EVER.

International Superstar

Saturday, May 18th, 2013


East London’s sweetheart Anna Madeleine, leftfield electronic musician, vocalist, songwriter, listmaker, jeerleader, is gracing Aotearoa with her presence for the first time to co-headline the C.L.I.T.fest (Combatting Latent Inequalities Together) gig at Bodega on 2nd June 2013.

The gig, organised by BOX events, is Anna’s debut New Zealand performance and includes sets by other local and national acts Melting Pot Massacre and Fantails, plus others.

DJs Trixie and Leilani will also be dropping some tunes for the dancefloor.

While Anna works on her first full album, which will be a parallel release in New Zealand and the UK, she is bringing her breakbeat, electro, atmospheric, drum ‘n’ bass/hip hop world to your ears in this fantastic live show.

You can have a mesmeric and magical aural peek into her ‘built at home’ sound by heading down to Bodega on 2nd June or you can listen/buy her music online at

Interviews available: email directly, Tweet @annamadeleine, or Facebook annamadeleineelectro.

(photo courtesy of Rachel Carr – copyright Countessian 2012)