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International Superstar

Saturday, May 18th, 2013


East London’s sweetheart Anna Madeleine, leftfield electronic musician, vocalist, songwriter, listmaker, jeerleader, is gracing Aotearoa with her presence for the first time to co-headline the C.L.I.T.fest (Combatting Latent Inequalities Together) gig at Bodega on 2nd June 2013.

The gig, organised by BOX events, is Anna’s debut New Zealand performance and includes sets by other local and national acts Melting Pot Massacre and Fantails, plus others.

DJs Trixie and Leilani will also be dropping some tunes for the dancefloor.

While Anna works on her first full album, which will be a parallel release in New Zealand and the UK, she is bringing her breakbeat, electro, atmospheric, drum ‘n’ bass/hip hop world to your ears in this fantastic live show.

You can have a mesmeric and magical aural peek into her ‘built at home’ sound by heading down to Bodega on 2nd June or you can listen/buy her music online at

Interviews available: email directly, Tweet @annamadeleine, or Facebook annamadeleineelectro.

(photo courtesy of Rachel Carr – copyright Countessian 2012)

Rainy June

Saturday, June 18th, 2011


Argh! So much has happened since I did a proper blog I don’t know where to start. With a list of course!

  • In October 2010 I had the start of my first ever tattoo. It was finished in February 2011 and is one of the best things I’ve ever done. I love it and I am so grateful to the artist Henry Hate. He is like the Juliette Binoche character from Chocolat but for tattoos. I went in with an idea and came out with my soul on my skin.
  • I did my first ever solo tour of the UK. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to book any Wales gigs this time round but I’m hoping to soon enough. I went to Bristol, Cambridge, Glasgow and Ayr. The Scottish gigs were with tour buddy Dave Hughes who is like a cross between Shane MacGowan and Macaulay Culkin and knows more about Bruce Springsteen than anyone I know. I had tonnes of fun and adventures along the way. The new set-up using a small 80s keyboard rather than my big full-size one works much better (even though it does leave me with nothing to hide behind!).
  • I have new hair. It is short-ish and blonde. I adore it. The best hairdresser I’ve ever had did it. You can find her on Twitter. If I ever get a world tour, Sapphire is coming with me to do my hair.
  • I finally got to the Out Of This World exhibition at the British Library. It is fantastic. The only frustrating thing is not being able to touch and smell the original copies of these wonderful books. I will be going back again before it finishes.
  • My favourite wannbe-rollergirl’s boyfriend arranged an incredible birthday surprise treasure hunt for her around the National Galleries and Trafalgar Square. Her closest friends all dressed up as characters from her two favourite stories: Alice In Wonderland and Mary Poppins. It caused a bit of a ruckus when security tried to chuck us out though and we ended up being chased by around 7 security guards. It all ended in a tea party. I was the Cheshire Cat, obvs.

Future things:

  • The Very Exciting Thing I am doing is now underway. I still can’t say much about it but as soon as I can I will let you know. At the moment it is just in the research stages.
  • I booked my first holiday for about 5 years: In October I’ll be visiting one of my best friends in Bangkok then we’re also going to Bali too! I almost fainted when I read the confirmation emails. I have been ordered I’m not allowed to do any work at all while I’m there. I might have to sneak some online time to dispel any withdrawal symptoms!
  • The new single Milk and Water is almost ready. It has been a labour of love.
  • The artist development programme I created for Drake Music has finally been given a little bit of money for the first session. I’m really looking forward to it although it means more work for me!
  • Lots of changes have happened that make me think East London might not be the place for me soon, I love it here and of course my heart will always belong to London but I’m thinking more and more about moving away. I won’t be going too far and I’m sure you’ll read about this in the forthcoming year.
  • And FINALLY I am planning my next party. It won’t be until the autumn and will have a very different feel as well as be a more ‘exclusive’ event. More to follow!

So all in all a transforming few months. Not sure what’s next, which is (as you know) how I like it. Exciting times. #followthesigns

News News News

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

I was so pleased to be longlisted for the Just A Girl competition and although disappointed not to get through, I was touched I was even included at all amongst some real talent. Thank you to everyone who voted and to The Girls Are for their support.

The gorgeous and a little bit wonderful She Makes War (Warrior Grrl) has invited me to play at her album launch on Tuesday 19th October.

It is on a boat, is free entry and is going to be made of awesome. You should all totally come.


Also, I’m very excited to announce I will be playing Midwinter Picnic 3 in Brighton on 16th January. The line-up is phenomenal and I am very honoured to be playing.

It is a charity event and tickets always sell out so you should get in there early to buy yours, here.


Lots of exciting things have happened since I last wrote anything on here so here’s a little list:

  • I forgot to tell you, I finally got to see Fucked Up. Many months have gone by now but they were as brilliant live as people said and I wasn’t disappointed. I saw Trash Talk at the same gig and they were just wonderful (although not so good when I saw them again at Offset). Their bassist is also one of the hottest men in rock music.
  • The Scouting Book For Boys came out on DVD, you should all totally go out and buy it or order it on your Lovefilm list or whatever the kids are doing nowadays
  • Hackney Family member Chud and I went to see Sage Francis supported by B Dolan at the Scala in London, it was without doubt the best gig I’ve been to. Ever (so far). The only downside was the crowd. The front was full of people just kind of getting it on a shallow level, getting in everyone’s way and generally being idiots.  The people who got it on a proper intellectual level (as well as musically) were standing at the back rather than getting involved. The performances were simply mindblowing and I will never forget the encore with both of them on stage joined by Scroobius Pip.
  • I did a thing and another thing.
  • Dry the River played the Twisted Licks Pakistan fundraiser. It was a great day, I got very drunk with my friends and the band was awesome. It was lovely to see the boys again after our crazy funs in summer.
  • I met one of my favourite people off the internets for the first time. She is amazing and it just goes to show, if you follow your instincts you’re usually right.
  • Lexapalooza 2010 was lovely (no surprise there). I saw old friends and new. I also discovered the pure genius of Justice Force 5. This annual festival is in aid of Breast Cancer Campaign, if you haven’t donated to them already, you can contact them to make a donation.
  • Some friends took me to the rollerderby. Hot girls, rollerskates, alcohol, cake, complex rules, watching people fall over… what’s not to love? My teams won both bouts, I should’ve placed some bets.

Some very exciting secret things are happening soon and I’m getting to see my heroes Scroobius Pip and Dan le Sac in November… more about all that later!

My two only pieces of sad news are:

I’m not going to Swn Festival this year, I will go to Wales soon for a visit but Swn clashes with the Just A Girl final. I was trying to go to both but it just became impossible.

In November, the Girls of the Penthouse are all moving on. I’m yet to find a new home but I’m pretty sure it is going to be amazing wherever it is. I can’t tell you how happy I am for Clare and Sandi who are both taking the plunge and moving in with their fellas. Love is awesome.

The Angel EP Launch Party

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

The Angel Launch Party medium

Top Secret Autumn: Announcement:

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

tied up

You have waited long enough people!

single: exceptional exclusive individual indivisible original rare solitary special strange unique unrivaled unshared unusual without equal (via @annamadeleine)

I can now reveal that on Monday 20th September 2010 I will be releasing my very first single, The Angel (from forthcoming album 2010) as a digital download EP.

You will be able to buy The Angel along with 4 other tracks from iTunes, Bandcamp and all your usual online stores.

Plus, if that wasn’t enough excitement: I can also reveal that the hugely talented Alex CF has created an amazing piece of art for the cover. I can’t say how much it means to me to be collaborating with Alex in this way, his work is stunning. (no you can’t see it yet!)

alliance: affinity bond coalition coherence collaboration communion congruity connection cooperation friendship participation support union (via @rifa)

And of course we can’t have a single launch without a LAUNCH PARTY:

Sunday 19th September

7.30-1am free entry

Catch, Kingsland Road, London


Live:  Something Beginning With L,  Pagan Wanderer Lu,  Anna Madeleine, Tunnels

DJ:  Schone Mond

There will be lots of angelic-themed fun and games. The gorgeous girls, Cassie and Roseanna (2 of my 3 glamorous assistants) will be there helping me make sure you all have a great time (Katharina will be there too in spirit of course!).

So, take the Monday off work and come to East London from wherever you are, to party with me and the gang.

Much more information to follow.

Thanks to wonderful Melanie Clifford for her brilliant photographic skills. Massive thanks to Sarah Harries and Rifa B for their help and support. The Angel is for James Anthony.

Creativity is born of revolution

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Post-2010 election and the future of this country’s cultural community hangs in the balance.

Yesterday, following a Tory/Lib-Dem coalition and the announcement of the new cabinet that includes Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt *rhyming slang anyone?*, a £66 million cut in budget for the DCMS (Department for Culture Media and Sport) was reported in the national press.

Where this cut will likely be made will be to the Arts and arts funding.

So, why should this bother me?

Unable to avoid sounding like a cliche, “the Arts” is my life. My entire life. Creativity, music and performance are everything I have ever known and everything I have been able to do since I can remember. I don’t know about a lot of things, I have built my whole adult existence around music making and creating opportunities for others to make music.

But that was my choice surely?

Yes, I chose to do a variety of work that doesn’t pay very well in a field that I am passionate about. I chose to give myself the freedom I need in order to write the music I want to make. I chose to commit myself to work I believe in. But I am not a doctor, a scientist, a soldier, a psychologist, a classroom teacher, a policewoman, a plumber or a builder. If I was in the balloon I would be the first to be thrown out. I am not claiming that this is a worthy profession.

Music is all around us. It can change our mood instantaneously and unpredictably. It urges us to move, to dance, to celebrate, to cry, to sleep, to breathe differently, to rise up, to ritualise, I could go on and on.

Art is everywhere. It is what our brains do when we’re not thinking.

When did you last read a book? When did you last see a film? When did you last see a postcard or a painting that you loved? When did you last watch some people dancing or singing? When did you last pretend or lie? When did you last create, however small, even a doodle on a pad or whistling a tune? When did you last write something for work and think really hard about picking the right words? When did you last take a photograph?

What will happen?

I can’t predict the future (as you all know I’m pretty good at it though!). High end, high cost, high brow art will be largely unaffected. Yes, sure there will be cuts to the biggies (the national theatres, ballets, operas and musicals) but they will stay open and the ticket prices will go up to cover any lowering of funding.

The people who will be affected are people like me, individual artists trying to earn a living doing the only thing they are any good at. People who didn’t inherit any money to put them through private education, people who might or might not have a degree and might or might not be classically trained. Also, disabled artists, who face additional barriers to their music making and performance, this might be because of mental health difficulties, cognitive, sensory or physical impairments.

Talented, committed and incredible, unique people who have a right to express themselves through their art and have a right to be heard and seen.

In a capitalist society we all have to earn a living, we all have to contribute whatever we can to the world. I only have this. Music. This is all I have to give.

Creativity is born of revolution

I am unclear what this looks like at the moment, it is too close to yesterday’s announcement for me to feel anything other than distress. I have fire in my belly though and with time (not much time!) I will be able to express better what I mean by the above statement.

If you have anything creative in you, do it. Let it out.

Here’s some stuff that might help:

  • Any of the links on the right hand side of here will take you to stuff that can inspire you.
  • This was posted on Twitter by Futurising a while ago, it’s about just getting on with it.
  • Drake Music is a music organisation that I work with.
  • You can write to Jeremy Hunt and tell him what you think of him, in fact why not write to that awful woman Theresa May at the same time.

Victoria and Jacob

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Had a great day today, wrote some new lyrics and did a couple of my favourite things. I’ve stuck by my resolution to do at least one favourite thing each day. It’s great and you should all start doing it (no matter how big or small the thing is, do something you really enjoy every day).

In the evening I went out to The Flowerpot with 2 Hackney Family members to see Victoria and Jacob. This pop duo has a fun mainstream electro sound and a very accessible look. They are both adorable and I want to keep them in a box in my sitting room.

I liked what they did musically, although it was a bit samey (I tuned out after about 3 songs). Sometimes I do feel as if I’m the only person left on the planet who likes the sound of raw, dry vocals, particularly in electronica. Victoria was using delay on an already reverbed up mic which for one or two songs is great, especially when she played with the fx but was a bit much when it was every song. I think it frustrated me tonight because she really has a lovely voice and I wanted to hear more of its true sound.

I liked the beats and the way the duo’s musicality worked together. The gear was impressive without being ostentatious and their use of stage awareness was good.



Cardiff Magic

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

As ya’ll know I freakin love Wales. Every time I arrive I get that feeling of going home. It’s strange, I’ve never lived in Wales. It must be something in the blood.

Once we reached Cardiff (the magic starts), we went to have a look around the museum exhibition of the history of Wales from volcanic rock to current time (mostly in Welsh!). Found a fairly nice chain pub for surprisingly good food and then went off to sort out booking a hotel.

Following a series of fortunate events, we booked into The Big Sleep. AMAAAAAZING! This budget hotel is a converted office block centrally located and owned by John Malkovich. The ceilings and floors are still the same office style and the fittings and furniture are sleek, comfortable and clean. The kitsch lobby bar is the cutest thing (and stays open all night) and we had a lovely continental all you can eat breakfast in the morning. The whole design is straight out of Being John Malkovich and there are pictures of him around the place.

But none of that was the best bit: Being on the 9th floor with the original huge office windows in all the rooms, there are panoramic views of Cardiff. You are above the city and can see the rolling hills in the distance. Stunning by day and by night. It did seem as if fate was on our side – the magic/luck always seems to be in Wales!

Off to Clwb Ifor Bach for soundchecks and set up etc. Easy get in to the venue and Chris found parking really close by (magic continues!). The support acts were top notch. First up was Jon Fazal who is a singer/songwriter acoustic guitarist with smart lyrics and a humble onstage charm. Then it was Stokes, William. I had made various assumptions about the young folk band when they arrived to set up, but was proven wrong. All talented musicians in their own right, this band has good onstage chemistry and energetic performance. The lead singer is definitely a future star and mixed a little edginess with the folk style well. The studenty crowd (cool kids) really loved it and I was dancing along at the merch stall.

Half the crowd was very talkative, this always annoys me at gigs (I know I have been guilty of this in the past and make a serious point of never talking while acts are on). During the song Love Is Not Rescue people did start to listen properly. Then, through Chris’s strong songwriting, banter between singing (and a bit of swearing), he won the whole room over. I haven’t seen someone turn around a crowd so successfully like that and comparing it to the Bristol gig (where he hadn’t done that much between song chatter) was a lesson in how to adapt your performance to a crowd and in winning over an audience. They loved it.

Being a bit wired and a bit drunk I tried to convince everyone to come out partying but to no avail! Off to the hotel bar for more drinks and to gaze at the gorgeous views. It’s the perfect place to stay if you’re visiting the city.

The next day is hard to put into words.

Woke up in Cardiff with perfect springtime sunshine blazing down and crisp cold air on my face and hands. I got a bus from the town centre up to Tongwynlais, in the lovely Welsh countryside and walked up the wooded hill to Castell Coch, after a recommendation by a good friend. What an amazing place.

The impact that going there has had on me is difficult to describe and a bit too personal for the internets. Needless to say it is beautiful.

A lovely walk back most of the way to town and then I was converted to the Yo Sushi experience by Mr & Mrs PWL. It was yummy. Perfect end to a perfect day out.

Massive thanks to everyone involved! Wish I could’ve tagged along for the rest of the tour too, although wouldn’t have missed my day in Wales for anything.

I’m really proud of my big brother, his new album is so lovely and he has always been a great storyteller through his songwriting. Chris, I reckon I properly converted you to Cardiff too!

Go and see him playing somewhere this month and buy the album. Dates and links are on his site:

Pulled Apart By Horses

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

My chronology is out as I still need to post the blog about my trip to Wales. For now, here’s some other stuff I’ve done recently…

Went to see Pulled Apart By Horses on Friday night at Barfly in Camden. They were playing support for The View (we managed to escape before they came on – yay!). It was a really storming set by PABH.

Having half-seen them at Swn last year but not quite managed to experience the whole thing, it was a joy to be at a smaller venue (Barfly) at the front of the crowd.

This band rip it up live. They have massive amounts of energy and don’t take themselves too seriously. It’s funny and mayhem all at once. I loved it.

Happy Birthday to Rifa! The weekend was dedicated to her and we had a great time drinking way too much neat rum and shopping in the sunshine. We also went to some of my favourite Sunday hangover spots including Columbia Road Flower Market and S & M for breakfast.

Everyone should turn off their computer and go for a long walk. Spring is finally here and it’s lovely outside!

March to Bristol

Friday, March 12th, 2010

March so far has been absolutely amazing. As I predicted.

I went to see The Noisettes who were much better than I thought they would be but whose support acts were not.

Roseanna and I celebrated our partial Welshness on St David’s Day by getting very drunk at a Something Beginning With L gig.

I hung out with my sister and her two daughters. We had ice cream and played on the swings.

Hospitality at Matter’s 1st birthday party was mind blowingly good. Especially High Contrast and London Elektricity.

Then I went to Bristol.


I have fallen a little bit in love with this gorgeous city. A friend of mine had drafted a special Anna’s Day Out itinerary for me (with a map and notes and everything!) so I was all set. I visited some lovely vintage shops, St Nick’s Market, the Arnolfini (where there was a sound/images installation exhibition by Imogen Stidworthy), The Watershed, a couple of really good independent music shops, Start the Bus (3 times!), College Green (although I didn’t see any sk8ers) and I took a detour off map to go to Bristol Old Vic. My dad used to be part of the company there many years ago when he was an actor so I just had to sneak inside to have a look around.

Then off to Mother’s Ruin for a night of music and friends. The gig was brilliant.

Pagan Wanderer Lu was up first. This electronic artist has been making music for a while now and I have been trying to learn a lot from him. His album Fight My Battles For Me was one of my favourite albums of last year and his intelligent lyrics matched with fun electro sounds and moody onstage persona make for a fantastic mix. I’m looking forward to hearing his new album.

It was also lovely to catch up with Mrs PWL who I hadn’t seen since last year. Plus Mr PWL managed to accurately summarise my twitterfeed which made me nearly cry with laughter: “I saw a dog. It’s brilliant.” “Then something about boys” “I saw something else. It’s brilliant. Everything is brilliant.” “Then once a month or so a tweet about Wales”

“I don’t know if love is real or if it’s just chemical, but I like you and my chemicals like you too” (PWL)

Then was Oxygen Thief. This guy is like punk folk personified. Acoustic guitar (always acoustic!) and shouty vocals really get the crowd going. Filling his set with a mix of songs and instrumental/solos, he moshes along to the acoustic sound and really hammers it out of his guitar. He has a lot of on stage energy and charm. I always enjoy seeing his stuff live and it was great to hear some new songs too!

“The city makes her restless and she makes him tired” (Suzannah Evans/sung by OT)

Chris T-T played nearly all of Love Is Not Rescue, his new album. It is a beautiful piece of work (I know I am biased but go and listen to it from beginning to end, then argue with me if you like). Nintendo, which is out now as a download single, is a brilliant song as is the title track Love Is Not Rescue. Tall Woman makes me cry every time I hear it. Another example of his skill at lyric-writing and while I live in his shadow,  I will always strive to be better with him as an influence.

“Love is not rescue, you need two whole people to work.” (Chris T-T)

Then after a wonderful night of drinking and inspiring chats about music making and creating stuff, Chris and I got in the car and drove to Wales…

Massive thanks to Mr & Mrs OT who put me up on their floor and who have the coolest downstairs loo ever (covered in comics).