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Monday, January 18th, 2010

Welcome to two thousand and freakin’ ten!

It snowed, a lot.

I have spent the last few weeks writing some BRAND NEW MATERIAL which you will be able to hear samples of if you come to either my gig at Blang on 8th February or to…

The Party Of The Decade on Friday 19th February, I’ll be playing alongside some of my favourite people, drinking and dancing till dawn.

Amazing New Zealand based artist, Jimmy Misanthrope has done a picture of me! It is in a similar style to his webcomic Agents of the Endtimes, which I follow avidly each week. Here is the picture on his deviant art page

I’ve caught a lot of cool stuff online too, mostly at Zombiehamster (especially the wonderful Mad Monster Party film) and over at  Fuck Yeah Horror where there’s an ace Spotify playlist to accompany their top 10 list.

Off to Brighton this weekend for Midwinter Picnic 2 – can’t wait, it’s gonna be an awesome day filled with yummy cake, great music, and good times. I’m running the raffle!

Here’s to the Future.



Sunday, August 16th, 2009

On Monday 10th August I played Blang! at London’s infamous 12 Bar Club. I was blown away by the response. For those of you who couldn’t be there, why not?!! But here are some clips of the night. Enjoy. x

Blang @ 12 Bar Club

Monday, August 10th, 2009

I’m playing tonight at the Blang night at 12 bar on Denmark Street and I’m mega excited. It should be a really good gig. I’m playing a couple of tracks I haven’t played live before and I’m also looking forward to hearing Kinkajou, Sergeant Buzfuz and a late set from Steve Espinola.

What they say about me: “Playful biotechfolkmusik that time-travels in a hollow tube between nursery room pianos, hologram vocals and Warped atmospherics.” I quite like that description!


My next wish is that I’ll get to take my robot music on the road.

in training

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

My Facebook page is looking a bit forlorn as it doesn’t have an official URL yet. Any of you lovely people who are on Facebook (yes you are, admit it) can become a fan and help the cause. I only need 100 fans to get the new name.

This week I have started getting back in training for the gigs and stuff ahead. My next one is at the Blang night at 12 bar on Denmark Street on 10th August and I’m really very excited!

The venue is pretty special to me; when I first moved to London I went there whenever I didn’t have anything to do and checked out randomly whatever was on. Sometimes it would be something dreadful and sometimes it would be something really quite magical and definitely gave me the opportunity to see some new acts I’d never have heard about otherwise. [I even had my only ever blind date there]