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Round It Up! 2010

Sunday, December 26th, 2010

Wow. Ummm. Almost speechless (Almost but not quite!)

2010 was the year that was. The year that changed my life. The best, most amazing, magical, phenomenal, happiest, luckiest year ever and it’s nearly over. I met truly wonderful people, some of whom I am now lucky enough to call friends. I reforged existing friendships and strengthened bonds with family. People were more kind and generous than I could ever imagine. I discovered you can’t take the party out of the girl, no matter how hard you try.

And I am truly grateful. Grateful for it all.

So while I write a list of secret things in preparation for the year to come and all the hard work and excitement it holds, here’s a round-up of 2010…

Best Moments:

getting my first tattoo, The Crush List party, having my first ever guitar lesson, launching The Angel EP, spending Halloween in the cinema, laughing so hard I cried, watching shooting stars on Hampstead Heath, something I can’t say, getting a black AAA wristband for a festival, spending time with my nieces, walking through London at night, being longlisted for the Just A Girl competition, assisting on Chris T-T’s LINR tour, having my nails done in the street, watching Roller Derby, learning Reiki 2, going to fashion parties, seeing Alex CF’s Many Dead Things exhibition, dancing in the basement at Ladybird, dancing upstairs at Catch, meeting China Miéville (twice), following signs and not knowing where they will lead.

Top 5 gigs of 2010:

1. Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip at Shepherd’s Bush Empire

2. Sage Francis and B. Dolan at the Scala

3. Islet and Pulled Apart By Horses at Truck

4. Fever Fever at The Windmill

5. Liars and Efterklang at Standon Calling

Special mentions for Something Beginning With L, John John Slave, Chris T-T, the Hoodrats, She Makes War, Dry The River, 30lbs of Bone, Mary Epworth and the Jubilee Band, Akira the Don, Le Dance Pour La Floor, Gill Sandell, Tunnels, Justice Force 5.

Top 5 albums of 2010:

1. The Logic of Chance – Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip

2. Pulled Apart By Horses – Pulled Apart By Horses

3. Learning – Perfume Genius

4. Body Talk (part 1) – Robyn

5. Ghostclocks – Blood Command

Albums you should also go and buy: Method (30lbs of Bone), 1 Inch/1/2 Mile (Grasscut), The Kidnapping of Akira The Don by Joey 2 Tits (Akira the Don and Joey 2 Tits), Love is not Rescue (Chris T-T), Tarry Awhile (Gill Sandell), Wimmy and Celebrate This Place (Islet), Disarm (She Makes War), Body Talk (part 2) (Robyn), Crystal Castles (II) (Crystal Castles), Latin (Holy Fuck), European Monsoon (Pagan Wanderer Lu), I Speak Because I Can (Laura Marling), The Sea (Corinne Bailey Rae).

Top 5 TV shows I saw in 2010:

1. Carnivàle

2. Twin Peaks

3. Fringe

4. Misfits

5. Mad Men

This is England 86 and The Walking Dead would’ve been 6 and 7

Best films I saw for the first time in 2010:

Let The Right One In, Amer, We Are What We Are (minus the last 5 minutes), Night of the Living Dead, Splice (minus the last 5 minutes), Where The Wild Things Are, The Scouting Book For Boys, Inception, Them (minus the last 5 minutes), Valley of the Dolls, Coco Before Chanel, Juno, Whip It, Kick-Ass, The Science of Sleep, Frenzy, Spider Baby

Most Disappointing films I saw in 2010:

500 Days of Summer, Kick-Ass (I know), Altitude

The best 5 Welsh people of 2010:

1. Roseanna Everitt

2. Emma Hogan

3. Sarah Harries

4. Noreen Blanluet

5. Mags Anthony

Top castles of 2010:

Castell Coch, Nottingham Castle.

Top 5 bars of 2010:

1. BFI Riverfront Bar, Southwark

2. Catch, Shoreditch

3. Ladybird Bar, Islington

4. Prague Bar, Shoreditch

5. The Approach, Bethnal Green

The bar at Udderbelly would be on the list if it wasn’t pop-up/temporary.

Top 5 books of 2010:

1. The Walking Dead

2. Kraken

3. The Human Nature of the Singing Voice

4. Storage Stories

5. A Concise History of Costume

Most embarrassing moment of 2010:

Getting asked for ID on a first date and being refused alcohol because I didn’t have any. It wasn’t in East London and I was wearing heels. I wanted the ground to swallow me up and properly didn’t make the situation any better but won’t share the rest on here.

Most over-used conversation of 2010:

“Is she taking the piss?” “No, that’s just her face”

“She does that to everyone, she doesn’t fancy you”

Inspirations: wings, crushes, quantum physics, compasses, clifftops, magic, corsets, limbs, clocks, gears, hearts, nakedness, castles and (as always) dancing and the circus/carnival.

Normal Clothes as Fancy Dress:

Dorothy Gale


Peter Pan


Biggest lesson I learnt:

It hasn’t all been good, we’ve lost a lot of good people, many of whom chose to take their own lives. Times have changed for the worse politically and financially. Sometimes it’s hard to see past the sadness, past the fear.


There are people who see you; past all the bullshit, bravado and masks you wear. They hold a mirror up to you and show you all the wonderful things you can be. They teach you how to be better than you are. These are the only people who matter. They are the ones who make you a better version of yourself. They are the ones who will still be there when you fail. These will be the people who go to your funeral.

These are the people you should cherish. They are your family, whether blood or water.

Oh, AND you can do anything you put your mind to, however impossible it first seems. All you need is faith, energy and a lot of hard work. You have to keep trying, whatever happens, whatever obstacles are in your way.

News News News

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

I was so pleased to be longlisted for the Just A Girl competition and although disappointed not to get through, I was touched I was even included at all amongst some real talent. Thank you to everyone who voted and to The Girls Are for their support.

The gorgeous and a little bit wonderful She Makes War (Warrior Grrl) has invited me to play at her album launch on Tuesday 19th October.

It is on a boat, is free entry and is going to be made of awesome. You should all totally come.


Also, I’m very excited to announce I will be playing Midwinter Picnic 3 in Brighton on 16th January. The line-up is phenomenal and I am very honoured to be playing.

It is a charity event and tickets always sell out so you should get in there early to buy yours, here.


Lots of exciting things have happened since I last wrote anything on here so here’s a little list:

  • I forgot to tell you, I finally got to see Fucked Up. Many months have gone by now but they were as brilliant live as people said and I wasn’t disappointed. I saw Trash Talk at the same gig and they were just wonderful (although not so good when I saw them again at Offset). Their bassist is also one of the hottest men in rock music.
  • The Scouting Book For Boys came out on DVD, you should all totally go out and buy it or order it on your Lovefilm list or whatever the kids are doing nowadays
  • Hackney Family member Chud and I went to see Sage Francis supported by B Dolan at the Scala in London, it was without doubt the best gig I’ve been to. Ever (so far). The only downside was the crowd. The front was full of people just kind of getting it on a shallow level, getting in everyone’s way and generally being idiots.  The people who got it on a proper intellectual level (as well as musically) were standing at the back rather than getting involved. The performances were simply mindblowing and I will never forget the encore with both of them on stage joined by Scroobius Pip.
  • I did a thing and another thing.
  • Dry the River played the Twisted Licks Pakistan fundraiser. It was a great day, I got very drunk with my friends and the band was awesome. It was lovely to see the boys again after our crazy funs in summer.
  • I met one of my favourite people off the internets for the first time. She is amazing and it just goes to show, if you follow your instincts you’re usually right.
  • Lexapalooza 2010 was lovely (no surprise there). I saw old friends and new. I also discovered the pure genius of Justice Force 5. This annual festival is in aid of Breast Cancer Campaign, if you haven’t donated to them already, you can contact them to make a donation.
  • Some friends took me to the rollerderby. Hot girls, rollerskates, alcohol, cake, complex rules, watching people fall over… what’s not to love? My teams won both bouts, I should’ve placed some bets.

Some very exciting secret things are happening soon and I’m getting to see my heroes Scroobius Pip and Dan le Sac in November… more about all that later!

My two only pieces of sad news are:

I’m not going to Swn Festival this year, I will go to Wales soon for a visit but Swn clashes with the Just A Girl final. I was trying to go to both but it just became impossible.

In November, the Girls of the Penthouse are all moving on. I’m yet to find a new home but I’m pretty sure it is going to be amazing wherever it is. I can’t tell you how happy I am for Clare and Sandi who are both taking the plunge and moving in with their fellas. Love is awesome.

Thank you

Monday, September 20th, 2010

My debut single The Angel EP comes out today. You can buy it online if you’re that way inclined (iTunes or Bandcamp). I had an amazing time last night at the launch party and here are some thank yous:

  • All the artists who played: Tunnels, Pagan Wanderer Lu, Something Beginning With L and DJ Schone Mond.
  • Everyone at Catch especially Ben who put up with my many emails and Martin who did a great job with the sound.
  • Melanie and Ziggy for their help with the poster, which I love and is gorgeous.
  • The Girls of the Penthouse and my Hackney Family: Sandi, Clare, Sean and Tom. Hannah, Mike and Chris.
  • My In Real Life Family: Flea and Al, Chris T-T and Rifa B.
  • Ingie for his storming remix of Android Song.
  • Alex CF for his beautiful artwork and suffering at the hands of my evangelical positivity.
  • Sarah Harries and Emma Hogan for their friendship, guidance and for going out of their way to help me. This summer has been the best one of my life.

Finally some extra special thank yous:

  • Colin and Paula McCracken (or Mr and Mrs Zombiehamster as I know them) for their love and support.
  • My Glamorous Assistants: Roseanna, Katharina and Cassie, the three best girls in the world.
  • and James Anthony for teaching me about writing and stuff.

The Angel EP Launch Party

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

The Angel Launch Party medium

Top Secret Autumn: Announcement:

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

tied up

You have waited long enough people!

single: exceptional exclusive individual indivisible original rare solitary special strange unique unrivaled unshared unusual without equal (via @annamadeleine)

I can now reveal that on Monday 20th September 2010 I will be releasing my very first single, The Angel (from forthcoming album 2010) as a digital download EP.

You will be able to buy The Angel along with 4 other tracks from iTunes, Bandcamp and all your usual online stores.

Plus, if that wasn’t enough excitement: I can also reveal that the hugely talented Alex CF has created an amazing piece of art for the cover. I can’t say how much it means to me to be collaborating with Alex in this way, his work is stunning. (no you can’t see it yet!)

alliance: affinity bond coalition coherence collaboration communion congruity connection cooperation friendship participation support union (via @rifa)

And of course we can’t have a single launch without a LAUNCH PARTY:

Sunday 19th September

7.30-1am free entry

Catch, Kingsland Road, London


Live:  Something Beginning With L,  Pagan Wanderer Lu,  Anna Madeleine, Tunnels

DJ:  Schone Mond

There will be lots of angelic-themed fun and games. The gorgeous girls, Cassie and Roseanna (2 of my 3 glamorous assistants) will be there helping me make sure you all have a great time (Katharina will be there too in spirit of course!).

So, take the Monday off work and come to East London from wherever you are, to party with me and the gang.

Much more information to follow.

Thanks to wonderful Melanie Clifford for her brilliant photographic skills. Massive thanks to Sarah Harries and Rifa B for their help and support. The Angel is for James Anthony.

Halfway House

Friday, July 9th, 2010

As we get further into July, some Top Secret Autumn preparation is taking place and I realised that I hadn’t told y’all what I’ve been up to for ages, so here’s a list:

  • Gone outside a LOT and walked whenever possible
  • Hung out with some of my favourite people, drank, ate and laughed a lot
  • Visited the maps at the British Library about 3 times
  • Saw Future of the Left post-Kelson’s departure, they were okay but the magic was lost
  • Circus Boy came for a visit to celebrate his birthday
  • Alex CF’s stunning exhibition of Many Dead Things opened in Shoreditch
  • Went to the amazing Frisky & Mannish show at Udderbelly, where I laughed so hard I cried and cringed so hard I hid
  • Was introduced to lush Mint and Chilli tea
  • Went to Futurising. It was brilliant, my favourite bits were Tom Hunter and Morag Myerscough
  • Ankles was played on Radio Teesdale
  • My wonderful friend Sarah and I met Terry Pratchett and saw China Mieville on a panel with Adam Roberts and some other leaders in Sci Fi fiction
  • Started watching Mad Men. Wow.
  • Went to the Science Museum. The best bit was the sound exhibit; watched a presentation about Space, there were explosions and I learnt some sign language
  • I joined Formspring and have been asked lots of interesting questions
  • Put up some shelves and finally got my favourite books out of storage. There were also some DVDs that I’d forgotten about
  • I saw China Mieville speak a second time at the Stoke Newington Literary Festival
  • We celebrated a whole year since my first solo gig by going to see Jim Bob read from his book and play some music; he was supported by Isy Suttie and Andrew Collins

Saving the best till last: I’ve set up a Tumblr blog to share inspirations I find on this here internets.

I was also commissioned by a dance company to create two pieces of music for some choreography. They wanted there to be some links between the two pieces but very different feels. You can listen to the final tracks here:

Commissioned Soundtracks (tracks for Candoco)

This month is mostly planning, writing (I’m only halfway through the album), re-recording and re-editing. Off to Truck in a couple of weeks, where I’m gonna see Something Beginning With L, Pulled Apart By Horses and Islet all in the same place (can’t quite believe my luck).

Remember if you put good stuff out there, life can be a wonderful thing. Be generous of your time and your spirit and the rewards you reap will be beyond your imaginings. I’ve been focusing on seeing the good in all people and in living without bravado. Laughter is the best medicine.

May Be Okay

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Errp. June is fast approaching so I’ve just managed to get this done in time for it to keep its name. 2010 is definitely in the process of being the best year of my life. May was an action-packed month including the one year anniversary of my first solo gig (thanks to everyone for celebrating with me and for all your lovely messages). Here’s to the future!

“If I kiss you where it’s sore will you feel better, will you feel anything at all?”

So here it is May Be Okay Spotify Playlist

Land of Sunshine Faith No More

Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud David Bowie

A Prince in a Pauper’s Grave Carter USM

Cats and Dogs Camille

Five Minutes Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip

2.0///The Bridge of Sighs Pagan Wanderer Lu

It Ain’t Me Babe Johnny Cash and June Carter

Stainless Style Neon Neon

Little Ghost The White Stripes

The Man With The Child In His Eyes Kate Bush

Give and Take The Broken Family Band

Better Regina Spektor

Pack Up Your Sorrows Johnny Cash and June Carter

Elephant in the Room Chris T-T

Violent Dreams Crystal Castles

No-one is Alone Stephen Sondheim

Back in the Game Jamie T

Follow Me (club mix) Aly-Us

Heroes Roni Size, Reprazent

Not Over Yet (perfecto remix) Grace

2010 6 (The Angel)

Monday, April 26th, 2010

This is the sixth in the 2010 series of tracks. This song has developed from an idea I had over a month ago. The writing and building of the track has been a slower process than the previous 2010 songs for various different reasons that I am happy to go on and on about if any of you ask.

I have also added my version of Chris T-T’s Ankles to the Music Player.


To hear 2010 6 (The Angel):

Music Player



2010 6 (The Angel)

Clipped wings and sapphire eyes

cover woe – flawless disguise.

Locked away, swallowed the key

as a preference to being free.

From inside looking out through glass,

distorted scenes are photographed

by a man-like shape, statue-still.

Angel of the castle, castle on the hill.

Stacked around the walls are skeletons,

mortals misunderstood his burden.

Rock and earth and stick and stone

branches criss-cross skull and bone.

Self-inflicted wingless watcher

spies Beauty but he will not touch her;

for he knows his yen to kill.

Angel of the castle, the castle on the hill.

Disenchanted wood casts shadows in the breeze,

Beauty calls while dancing between trees:

“Oh, Angel do not lock yourself away

for there are many tasks for you to do today…

…Souls across the world have gone astray

and there is fun outside and games to play,

for you alone can heal their ill.

Oh, Angel of the castle, castle on the hill.”

Come out to play, Angel. It’s a lovely day, Angel. Let your wings grow again, you will be whole again.

Come outside we’ll walk, Angel. You can laugh and talk, Angel. Let your wings grow again, you will be whole again.

The spirit in his home, the tower,

overlooks science and nature.

Vantage point, truth exposed,

Devil inside the details transposed.

Running fast through the Banquet Hall.

Cut his hair, clothes they fall.

Drank the water till he had his fill.

Angel of the castle, the castle on the hill.

Outstretched wings and fierce eyes

cover woe – flawless disguise.

Locked away until ready;

repairs his heart, prepare his body.

From inside out the shattered glass;

upon the wind flew the photographs

and that man-like shape on window-sill.

Angel of the castle, the castle on the hill.

Strength and grace and majesty

trust self-powered prophecy.

Hear the voices, see the smiles,

shades and colour of Beauty’s wiles.

Eyes aglow as he takes the leap,

faith’s easy to find but hard to keep.

He is brave enough to feel the thrill.

Angel of the castle, the castle on the hill.

Angel of the castle, the castle on the hill.


Get Up. And Go.

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

April so far has been about clearing out the cobwebs, going outside and doing the stuff you want to do. I have been walking a lot and singing a lot.

Do the things that make you happy and you can’t go far wrong.

Here is a Get Up and Go (or Happiness) themed playlist (short one this month as I’ve been busy writing, recording and sitting in the sunshine!):

Get up and Go/Springcleaning

And for those without spotify here is a tracklisting for you to search out the songs:

Here Comes The Sun Nina Simone

Idiot Heart Sunset Rubdown

The Beat Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip

Happiness A Skills and Krafty Kuts

In The Dressing Room Chris T-T

Heads Will Roll Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Walk Pantera

Stake A Claim Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip

Defying Gravity Kristin Chenowerth and Idina Menzel

Happiness (Metronomy remix) Goldfrapp/The Teenagers

Set You Free Frightened Rabbit

E = MC2 Pulled Apart By Horses

Land Of My Formers Future of the Left

Snob Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip

I’m Feeling Fine Paul Williams

March into April

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

Here’s a very mixed playlist. It’s a bit mood-swingy (make of that what you will!).

2010 remains the best and weirdest year of all. March beat February by just a few points and April looks as if it might be even better. I cannot believe how many wonderful people there are in the world and cherish every one of you.

I hope y’all enjoy this playlist and hope you find some solace in it or find it uplifting or whatevs.

April will hold much more rock than March, I predict this therefore it will be true.

Always with a grin (and ALWAYS dancing). xx

Spotify link: March into April

Alpha Shallows Laura Marling

Annie Elastica

Apple Bed Sparklehorse

Big Time Sensuality Bjork

Delicious Sleeper

Dreams Come True Lone Justice

Eyepennies Sparklehorse

Get Better Dan le Sac vs Scoobius Pip

Gimmie She Keeps Bees

Hometown Glory (High Contrast remix) Adele

Honey Mary Hampton

Humble Man Graham Coxon

Magic Bruce Springsteen

My Dreams London Elektricity

Nintendo Chris T-T

Paper Dolls Corinne Bailey Rae

Ready For The Weekend (High Contrast remix) Calvin Harris

This Voice Ane Brun

Trick For Treat Neon Neon

Where The Wild Roses Grow Nick Cave & Kylie

Won’t Change My Mind Liam Finn + Eliza-Jane