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Late Entry

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Although it is very near to the end of the year, today I added another entry to the top films I saw in 2009.

Waltz With Bashir is one of the best films I have ever seen. The art, animation and direction is beautiful. It is accompanied by a gorgeous soundtrack and perfectly suited and accurate sound design. It follows an amazing story.

This is horrific and traumatic to watch and shows better than most films and books the truth behind war. “In order to survive war you have to go to irony and dark humour to go on with every day life”

It is very easy to sit here and preach about the horrors of war and about the injustices by the ‘powers that be’ without ever having any direct experience of it. This film examines from a first person soldier’s account (and other individual soldiers’ accounts) the truth of war.

The interview with the filmmaker, which is an extra feature on the DVD, highlights the impact the film has made on his own life and on others who have seen the film. He tells of since the film release, how he now goes to parties or events and ends up sitting alone in the corner of the room and one by one people come to him to relay their own terrible war stories and experiences. He has opened other people’s memories up to them.

Thousands of lives would have been saved if someone, anyone in power stopped the massacre at Sabra and Shatila happening. It could have been stopped at any point. As with the conflicts around the world that continue today.

Ari Folman is a hero, not for his actions in war as a 19 year old novice soldier, but for his actions afterwards as a 40 year old filmmaker.

Can You Stay Up For The Weekend?

Friday, December 4th, 2009


Officially just over halfway through the two-week birthday extravaganza and I’m not flagging at all (although I have drunk my weight in alcohol and eaten more food than they have in Costcutter)

So far, I have:

  • enjoyed a luscious Thanksgiving meal cooked by Hannah and Aubrey
  • DJed at BBA for the quiet and non-dancing crowd at the Marie Lloyd Bar (although we danced enough for everyone!)
  • written new crush lists
  • seen some performance art in a warehouse in Stoke Newington
  • chatted up beautiful artists
  • had Advent Tea and played with my nieces
  • watched Milk and A Streetcar Named Desire
  • hidden from huge storms and eaten pizza
  • gone to Biddles with all of my Hackney family
  • worn Sandi’s dress as a top
  • learned about measuring social impact
  • attended my first ever Beer Festival (and tried some Welsh perry)
  • chatted on the phone to Nathan in India
  • cried into my vodka and watched Akira the ultimate collection


emoticon discovery

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

I will post tomorrow about some proper stuff that happened today but for now, here is my new discovery through Twitter…


They are THE cutest things ever and I have found several online dictionaries including this one: 

I really like the vampire: ^,,^ and blushing: *^_^* 

You can even symbolise the anime sweat drop (whenever a character is nervous or signifying tension of some sort) ^_^’

Okay, off to catch some sleep now    


under the weather/manga

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

Today I am all bunged up, sneezy and moany (since I had planned to do some vox recording, I can sing with a cold but recordings sound all weird and nasal cos of the blocked nose.)

Hiding from the rain under the duvet I have decided to while away the unwell hours today with some manga.

Starting off is the anime version of Bleach, I left off at episode 40 so I’m starting there, the crew are all on their way to save Rukia, led by the hero-in-training Ichigo:

Then later on will be the English version of Karas which is the original episodes put together into two feature length films with English speaking actors dubbed: