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Rick and Me

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

After working so hard on getting the single out and promoting the launch party, I gave myself a few days off. I was worried I would go a bit stir crazy so I lined up lots of TV that I’d missed and films to watch.

Instead I ended up reading the entire first compendium of The Walking Dead basically in one sitting with short breaks for food and sleep.

It is a truly magnificent work and you should all read it if you haven’t already. Hurry though, because they’ve made a TV series out of it that comes out over Halloween weekend and you’ll want to have read it before then..

The Walking Dead

Once I’ve finally finished Kraken by China Mieville I will get on with the next set… Keep your wits about you out there…

2010? Totally The Best Year Ever.

March to Bristol

Friday, March 12th, 2010

March so far has been absolutely amazing. As I predicted.

I went to see The Noisettes who were much better than I thought they would be but whose support acts were not.

Roseanna and I celebrated our partial Welshness on St David’s Day by getting very drunk at a Something Beginning With L gig.

I hung out with my sister and her two daughters. We had ice cream and played on the swings.

Hospitality at Matter’s 1st birthday party was mind blowingly good. Especially High Contrast and London Elektricity.

Then I went to Bristol.


I have fallen a little bit in love with this gorgeous city. A friend of mine had drafted a special Anna’s Day Out itinerary for me (with a map and notes and everything!) so I was all set. I visited some lovely vintage shops, St Nick’s Market, the Arnolfini (where there was a sound/images installation exhibition by Imogen Stidworthy), The Watershed, a couple of really good independent music shops, Start the Bus (3 times!), College Green (although I didn’t see any sk8ers) and I took a detour off map to go to Bristol Old Vic. My dad used to be part of the company there many years ago when he was an actor so I just had to sneak inside to have a look around.

Then off to Mother’s Ruin for a night of music and friends. The gig was brilliant.

Pagan Wanderer Lu was up first. This electronic artist has been making music for a while now and I have been trying to learn a lot from him. His album Fight My Battles For Me was one of my favourite albums of last year and his intelligent lyrics matched with fun electro sounds and moody onstage persona make for a fantastic mix. I’m looking forward to hearing his new album.

It was also lovely to catch up with Mrs PWL who I hadn’t seen since last year. Plus Mr PWL managed to accurately summarise my twitterfeed which made me nearly cry with laughter: “I saw a dog. It’s brilliant.” “Then something about boys” “I saw something else. It’s brilliant. Everything is brilliant.” “Then once a month or so a tweet about Wales”

“I don’t know if love is real or if it’s just chemical, but I like you and my chemicals like you too” (PWL)

Then was Oxygen Thief. This guy is like punk folk personified. Acoustic guitar (always acoustic!) and shouty vocals really get the crowd going. Filling his set with a mix of songs and instrumental/solos, he moshes along to the acoustic sound and really hammers it out of his guitar. He has a lot of on stage energy and charm. I always enjoy seeing his stuff live and it was great to hear some new songs too!

“The city makes her restless and she makes him tired” (Suzannah Evans/sung by OT)

Chris T-T played nearly all of Love Is Not Rescue, his new album. It is a beautiful piece of work (I know I am biased but go and listen to it from beginning to end, then argue with me if you like). Nintendo, which is out now as a download single, is a brilliant song as is the title track Love Is Not Rescue. Tall Woman makes me cry every time I hear it. Another example of his skill at lyric-writing and while I live in his shadow,  I will always strive to be better with him as an influence.

“Love is not rescue, you need two whole people to work.” (Chris T-T)

Then after a wonderful night of drinking and inspiring chats about music making and creating stuff, Chris and I got in the car and drove to Wales…

Massive thanks to Mr & Mrs OT who put me up on their floor and who have the coolest downstairs loo ever (covered in comics).


Monday, January 18th, 2010

Welcome to two thousand and freakin’ ten!

It snowed, a lot.

I have spent the last few weeks writing some BRAND NEW MATERIAL which you will be able to hear samples of if you come to either my gig at Blang on 8th February or to…

The Party Of The Decade on Friday 19th February, I’ll be playing alongside some of my favourite people, drinking and dancing till dawn.

Amazing New Zealand based artist, Jimmy Misanthrope has done a picture of me! It is in a similar style to his webcomic Agents of the Endtimes, which I follow avidly each week. Here is the picture on his deviant art page

I’ve caught a lot of cool stuff online too, mostly at Zombiehamster (especially the wonderful Mad Monster Party film) and over at  Fuck Yeah Horror where there’s an ace Spotify playlist to accompany their top 10 list.

Off to Brighton this weekend for Midwinter Picnic 2 – can’t wait, it’s gonna be an awesome day filled with yummy cake, great music, and good times. I’m running the raffle!

Here’s to the Future.


Wow! Look at this picture…

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

I went out tonight, first to visit my next gig venue The Flowerpot and have a lovely chat with Evan and Paul (who both bullied me because I am not drinking due to the near wreckage of vocal chords lately).  Then to see Something Beginning with L who you will remember are my favourite band.

On my return I was tweeted by lovely fan @nickshearon who has done some art…for me! I couldn’t freakin’ believe it. Thank you! It’s beautiful. You can see it here at his blog.

xx  ^_^ xx

Desert Island Comics

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Twitter is a wonderful place. There has emerged a new thread: #desertislandcomics. It is now one of my very favourite things in the whole world. Here is a small random selection:

Akira the Don: Death’s Head, Calvin & Hobbes, Miracleman, Hate… crap, how many can I have? …The Fixer, Bone, Asterix, The Invisibles, When The Wind Blows, Preacher… I could build a hut by this point. Part 3: Jimmy Corrigan. All Star Superman. Squee. Maid Marion And Her Merry Men. The Tale Of One Bad Rat. 1602.

Martin Carr: Maus, Jimmy Corrigan, Ed The Happy Clown, From Hell, Bone, Hate

Nick Shearon: transmetropolitan, umbrella acadamy, the submariner, sandman, hellboy, scott pilgrim, wormwood Part Deux: Doktor Sleepless, Crossed, Narcopolis, Ignition City, Preacher, Stuff Sucks

Douglas Noble: Fires, Joe’s Bar, Sky Chariots, Alec, Temptation

Andrew Luke: Mills/Ezuerra 3WW Bk 1, Morrisson etc Animal Man, Coney & Holden Moon Looked Down and Laughed, a laptop for And Keiji Nakazawa’s Barefoot Gen

Jason Cobley: 1: complete Capt Britain. 2: Miracle/Marvelman. 3: DR @ Quinch. Moore and Davis’s finest moments. 4: Joe Sacco Palestine. 5: Will Eisner Contract With God trilogy. Genius. beautiful, funny and moving as well as angry. 6: complete Calvin and Hobbes. Obviously. 7: V For Vendetta. Better than anything. 8: Saga of Swamp Thing. Moore’s run. 8: Bulldog Empire. I couldn’t not. We got it right. 10: Dan Dare 1st Eagle collection. Bubbling under: Judge Death…WHY didn’t I mention Rainbow Orchid? Or Dare? Or Martha Washington? Or CS:SO? Or Fun Comics? Or Derek the Sheep?

Jonathon Dalton: Finder, Age of Bronze, Understanding Comics, Yotsuba&!, Scott Pilgrim, Watchmen, The Arrival (I have ecclectic tastes)

CLR: Bone, Fun Home, Blankets, plus all of Zits and Fruits Basket, and Boulet’s books.

Neill Cameron: 1: Ranma 1/2 vol 1, by Rumiko Takahashi. Incredibly funny and sweet, beautiful art, kung-fu pandas and gender-bending. 2: Complete Calvin & Hobbes, by Bill Watterson. Possibly my favourite artist ever. 3: a collection of Moore-Davis-Delano Captain Britain. And if we could squeeze some Excalibur in there too, aces. I might swap out CB for a collected edition of Morrison/Yeowell’s Zenith I mean, seeing as this is all imaginary anyway

Faith Erin Hicks: This is SO OBVIOUS, but: Bone by Jeff Smith, everything by Naoki Urasawa. But here’s a weirder one: I think I’d also like the complete Alan Davis run on Excalibur. I really liked that comic.

ATD and ZH

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

This post is specially about two heroes who aren’t on the list. I chose not to include them on the Hero List for several reasons which I will go into great detail about if you ask. They are also friends with each other which just makes it all the more wonderful.

Akira the Don will be one of the most influential musicians of the next few years. He is a highly skilled producer and rapper drawing samples and influences from a huge eclectic song/cartoon/sample bank in his head. His blog is one of the best critiques of Hip Hop around but also holds social and political commentary, reviews of various bits and bobs along with video clips, artwork, photographs, interviews…it is AWESOME and you should all be reading it. He likes beards and comes from Wales. Twitter: /akirathedon

Zombie Hamster constantly surprises his readers, pointing them in the direction of amazing horror stuff, books, comics (including his own Godzilla Boy creation) and music. ZH’s encycolpedic knowledge is spewed out for all to see. Someone recently wrote on twitter something like “what if you found an i-pod on the street/bus, listened to it and found it contained all your favourite music as if it were your own?” – if you throw in film, literature, weird or scary moments from your childhood/adolescence and add some obscure stuff that you love but had never heard of before then you would get this website. ((NB I did tire of Marilyn Manson much earlier than ZH did, we strongly disagree about Rufus Wainwright and I’m a little bit girlier)) Twitter: /zombiehamster

Go and explore both these sites. You’d be fools not to.



For a rainy day…

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

On Saturday I discovered this: AOTE, a web comic by Jimmy Misanthrope and have immediately become a huge fan of his work since reading all the archives in one go. I like his story-telling and the sci-fi mixed with mythy stuff (like the actual creatures) but most of all I really love the artwork and comedy touches.

Last night I went out to my local, Biddles with good friend and next door neighbour, Emily. We had a few glasses of wine. The bar was packed and,  unusually for a Saturday night, the different groups of people there weren’t interacting at all. It turned out most people were there for a huge birthday party – it was quite dull so we bimbled back to the flats to watch a couple of randomly picked Mighty Boosh episodes and make popcorn (YUM YUM!)