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Duchovny Dad Dancing

Saturday, May 7th, 2016

Well, what a night! After hearing the fantastic news that Sadiq Khan is our new London Mayor, I hot-footed it down to Islington to meet a couple of friends from Manchester.

I was lucky enough to get the HOT TICKET of the pre-festival season to go to see David Duchovny perform at Union Chapel. It is, of course, a beautiful venue and always a pleasure to be there, the church surroundings and lighting design didn’t disappoint and his band are very talented musicians.

Duchovny seemed to love self-consciously performing as a rock star rather than singing the songs with meaning, which meant some of the lyrical content was lost. He wandered through the crowd on occasion, who played along and reached out to touch him. I mean, who wouldn’t want to touch David Duchovny?! Some people were even singing along, it was super cute.

I won’t mention the songwriting on his album Hell or Highwater or his singing but the in-between banter was great; he is clever, charming, self-deprecating and very funny.

The best part of all was his out-of-time weird chicken robot dancing. The whole thing felt like when someone has a really great band at their wedding but the bride’s dad gets up to ‘do a few numbers’ with them. It was such a joyous experience I giggled throughout.

He was having such a great time on stage that I just couldn’t hate it. No matter how hard I tried.