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Fourth Plinth Politics

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

As part of Anthony Gormley’s One & Other project, my big brother had an hour slot on Tuesday 29th July. I tracked his preparations online through his Tweets and went down to the plinth to join the CROWD!

You can watch the hour again here. Chris didn’t censor himself and stood with integrity. This was a brilliant opportunity for Chris to not just “preach to the converted” but reach a wider politically mixed audience. I just hope someone in power was listening.

Of course, my favourite was Plague on Both Your Houses which, although written a few years ago, is accurate and relevant every time you pick up a paper and read of any type of religious war and the innocent victims.

ATD and ZH

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

This post is specially about two heroes who aren’t on the list. I chose not to include them on the Hero List for several reasons which I will go into great detail about if you ask. They are also friends with each other which just makes it all the more wonderful.

Akira the Don will be one of the most influential musicians of the next few years. He is a highly skilled producer and rapper drawing samples and influences from a huge eclectic song/cartoon/sample bank in his head. His blog is one of the best critiques of Hip Hop around but also holds social and political commentary, reviews of various bits and bobs along with video clips, artwork, photographs, interviews…it is AWESOME and you should all be reading it. He likes beards and comes from Wales. Twitter: /akirathedon

Zombie Hamster constantly surprises his readers, pointing them in the direction of amazing horror stuff, books, comics (including his own Godzilla Boy creation) and music. ZH’s encycolpedic knowledge is spewed out for all to see. Someone recently wrote on twitter something like “what if you found an i-pod on the street/bus, listened to it and found it contained all your favourite music as if it were your own?” – if you throw in film, literature, weird or scary moments from your childhood/adolescence and add some obscure stuff that you love but had never heard of before then you would get this website. ((NB I did tire of Marilyn Manson much earlier than ZH did, we strongly disagree about Rufus Wainwright and I’m a little bit girlier)) Twitter: /zombiehamster

Go and explore both these sites. You’d be fools not to.



emoticon discovery

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

I will post tomorrow about some proper stuff that happened today but for now, here is my new discovery through Twitter…


They are THE cutest things ever and I have found several online dictionaries including this one: 

I really like the vampire: ^,,^ and blushing: *^_^* 

You can even symbolise the anime sweat drop (whenever a character is nervous or signifying tension of some sort) ^_^’

Okay, off to catch some sleep now