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International Superstar

Saturday, May 18th, 2013


East London’s sweetheart Anna Madeleine, leftfield electronic musician, vocalist, songwriter, listmaker, jeerleader, is gracing Aotearoa with her presence for the first time to co-headline the C.L.I.T.fest (Combatting Latent Inequalities Together) gig at Bodega on 2nd June 2013.

The gig, organised by BOX events, is Anna’s debut New Zealand performance and includes sets by other local and national acts Melting Pot Massacre and Fantails, plus others.

DJs Trixie and Leilani will also be dropping some tunes for the dancefloor.

While Anna works on her first full album, which will be a parallel release in New Zealand and the UK, she is bringing her breakbeat, electro, atmospheric, drum ‘n’ bass/hip hop world to your ears in this fantastic live show.

You can have a mesmeric and magical aural peek into her ‘built at home’ sound by heading down to Bodega on 2nd June or you can listen/buy her music online at

Interviews available: email directly, Tweet @annamadeleine, or Facebook annamadeleineelectro.

(photo courtesy of Rachel Carr – copyright Countessian 2012)

Rainy June

Saturday, June 18th, 2011


Argh! So much has happened since I did a proper blog I don’t know where to start. With a list of course!

  • In October 2010 I had the start of my first ever tattoo. It was finished in February 2011 and is one of the best things I’ve ever done. I love it and I am so grateful to the artist Henry Hate. He is like the Juliette Binoche character from Chocolat but for tattoos. I went in with an idea and came out with my soul on my skin.
  • I did my first ever solo tour of the UK. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to book any Wales gigs this time round but I’m hoping to soon enough. I went to Bristol, Cambridge, Glasgow and Ayr. The Scottish gigs were with tour buddy Dave Hughes who is like a cross between Shane MacGowan and Macaulay Culkin and knows more about Bruce Springsteen than anyone I know. I had tonnes of fun and adventures along the way. The new set-up using a small 80s keyboard rather than my big full-size one works much better (even though it does leave me with nothing to hide behind!).
  • I have new hair. It is short-ish and blonde. I adore it. The best hairdresser I’ve ever had did it. You can find her on Twitter. If I ever get a world tour, Sapphire is coming with me to do my hair.
  • I finally got to the Out Of This World exhibition at the British Library. It is fantastic. The only frustrating thing is not being able to touch and smell the original copies of these wonderful books. I will be going back again before it finishes.
  • My favourite wannbe-rollergirl’s boyfriend arranged an incredible birthday surprise treasure hunt for her around the National Galleries and Trafalgar Square. Her closest friends all dressed up as characters from her two favourite stories: Alice In Wonderland and Mary Poppins. It caused a bit of a ruckus when security tried to chuck us out though and we ended up being chased by around 7 security guards. It all ended in a tea party. I was the Cheshire Cat, obvs.

Future things:

  • The Very Exciting Thing I am doing is now underway. I still can’t say much about it but as soon as I can I will let you know. At the moment it is just in the research stages.
  • I booked my first holiday for about 5 years: In October I’ll be visiting one of my best friends in Bangkok then we’re also going to Bali too! I almost fainted when I read the confirmation emails. I have been ordered I’m not allowed to do any work at all while I’m there. I might have to sneak some online time to dispel any withdrawal symptoms!
  • The new single Milk and Water is almost ready. It has been a labour of love.
  • The artist development programme I created for Drake Music has finally been given a little bit of money for the first session. I’m really looking forward to it although it means more work for me!
  • Lots of changes have happened that make me think East London might not be the place for me soon, I love it here and of course my heart will always belong to London but I’m thinking more and more about moving away. I won’t be going too far and I’m sure you’ll read about this in the forthcoming year.
  • And FINALLY I am planning my next party. It won’t be until the autumn and will have a very different feel as well as be a more ‘exclusive’ event. More to follow!

So all in all a transforming few months. Not sure what’s next, which is (as you know) how I like it. Exciting times. #followthesigns

TCL The Aftermath

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Hey everyone!

I’ve been half drafting this in my head ever since Friday night but only just getting it down on here now.

So, I don’t think it is flippant to say that The Crush List was THE BEST FREAKIN NIGHT EVER. I have no idea why I didn’t put on my own party years ago and I had such a blast. It was not without its hitches. Having had serious doubts TCL would even happen two weeks before the date, I was relieved even to arrive at the venue to set up on the day. Technical issues (me having the wrong adapter for the projector, a tech problem in the DJ booth, late running soundchecks, none of us knowing how to use the sound-desk properly, etc etc) meant that half an hour prior to kick off I was running around like a mad chicken and annoying anyone trying to help (sorry Nick!).

But then something amazing happened…we actually pulled it off!

…First up, I slipped into a frock and some heels to introduce the night. Old favourite Circus Boy and then a new song I’d written specially for the night (2010 4 – The Crush List).

Something Beginning with L were up next. This amazing trio made up of some of the best musicians in the country is my favourite band and you will have heard me shout about them a lot previously. Jen and Lucy gave a special acoustic performance for TCL as Jon is currently on tour. It was really beautiful and showed the strength of their songwriting that they didn’t need the electronics to make the set complete. I love this band and I urge you to check them out whether electro or acoustic (who’d a thought you could do it with just acoustics and vocals – it was lush!). I think Mean and Say might have been my favourites tonight.

Then I played my second set which included two new songs (2010 1 and 2010 2). It was a really special night for me and I can’t put into words how it felt to get to play for some of my very favourite people (just hope y’all liked it!). This was without a doubt the best gigging experience I’ve had performing (solo or for other people). Oooh, I also did a cheeky cover version of my big brother’s song Ankles which I’ll record at some point and put up on Soundcloud for you.

Then BLAM! John John Slave !!! These guys should definitely be much more famous than they are. They ripped it up. Julie, Dave and Nick are an electro disco experience to be enjoyed drunk and dancing! The crowd loved it (as did I). I wish I knew even a fraction of what the two guys know about music technology and Julie leads a disco like no-one I know! I loved their 80’s style crush costumes (very sexy) and I couldn’t have asked for more from them. Check them out live as soon as you can!

Taking us through till the early hours of the morning was our special guest DJ, Jimboeth. Well, what can I say? This guy is a fucking legend. Without going into the ins and outs of it all, I have been a fan of Jim’s for a long time now: as a writer, editor, film expert and internet/social media guru etc etc. Under the name DJ Rize he has worked with (I was there!) some of the awesomest people in the Drum n Bass world and his extensive knowledge of music across all genres meant I was very excited and honoured to coerce him out of retirement to play The Crush List. He did not disappoint.


My massive heartfelt thanks go out to all the artists who worked their arses off to make this happen. I also want to give special mentions to: Melanie Clifford (who has helped me more than she’ll ever know and who would’ve been playing had I not got the wrong adapter!), Chris & Rifa (for ideas, strength and for putting up with me going on and on about my crush list), the Ladybird crew (Patrick and the boys came to my rescue with the venue and apparently got loads of people drunk off free shots), my Hackney family (Sandi especially, thanks for everything babes), Jon for carting all that gear there on Thursday and Ross and Tom for filming so professionally and getting into the spirit of things.

Lastly, this party could not have happened without my 3 GORGEOUS, GLAMOROUS assistants: Cassie, Katharina and Roseanna. They ensured that everyone was having a good time and they made the bar look amazing! Cassie designed all the decorations including the Crush List box which will be used again at some point and photos of which will be posted soon. If you were lucky enough to take any of the table decorations or ‘crush cards’ home please do take pics and send them to me. Unpacking my gear on Sunday made me realise just how vigilant Katharina and Roseanna had been about sorting out all my equipment and keeping it safe. You three ladies are the best in the world and I could not have done it without you.

If you made it down it would be great to have your comments below and if anyone’s got photos or video from the night send it along won’t you? Thanks to everyone who came and partied with us. You have all gained crush points *gcp* for being wonderful and sexy party people.

The next event I hold will be very different. I have had The Most Incredible Idea which I will start to plan once I’ve heard back from a couple of people (ehem!). Watch this space!

BBA Halloween Party – oooooooh!

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Halloween Party poster

Lexapalooza Lite

Monday, October 12th, 2009

Thank you so much everyone who came down to see me play and to support the great Lexapalooza Lite event on Saturday. Those who stayed till the end had a treat with Ben Marwood and Chris T-T and then the two special secret guests Sam Duckworth and Frank Turner, both of whom are selling out major venues this year. I was really surprised and honoured to be included in such an amazing event.

The overwhelming support from people who came up afterwards, wanting to buy the CD or just have a chat was amazing. I’m very aware that my music is not easily accessible and there were some really interesting responses to it. I am still at the start of my journey, discovering what works and what doesn’t work. This is an exciting place to be. It feels free.

I really enjoyed seeing the other performers as well, with my own highlights being SanjuroElliott Morris, Oxygen Thief and of course the brilliant The Leano.

The Flowerpot itself really knows how to look after artists and audience and I can’t say enough about the Lexapalooza crew – they are proper amazing people who give their time and energy every year to put on these shows to raise money for a great cause.

Thanks again, and if you didn’t make it – come along to one of my next gigs and come and say hi. Also donate some money to Breast Cancer Campaign via Lexapalooza

SHOE UPDATE: arrived in blue boots, bare-feet on stage, finished in my AtDs to dance the night away


Robotics and Anansie Spider

Friday, October 9th, 2009

Can’t sleep because I am so excited for Saturday, (solo gig number 4); it is an amazing experience for me to be playing at a Lexapalooza event and the line-up is awesome. I still can’t quite believe I’m on the bill – I am half expecting to arrive at the venue with my gear and someone to go “what’s all that stuff for?  you’re not playing here”

This week has been very busy. I’ve been working my boobies off getting a wonderful Limited Edition CD together for all of you lovely people. It is called Robotics and has some home recordings and a couple of live tracks. There’s only going to be 150 in existence. A good friend has done some gorgeous artwork for the front and I’m really pleased with how it all sounds.

The best big brother in the world took me to see Skunk Anansie on Tuesday night in Brighton. It was a small warm-up gig to their big reunion tour and it was amazing to see them performing. Apart from the blokes looking a little older, you couldn’t really tell that they’d been away for so long and they played a couple of really good new songs as well as playing all of their main back-catalogue. One of the new songs we didn’t like (but the crowd seemed to so that will probably end up being a single or something). It was a really great gig. Some of you will already know how significant their music was to me during my teenage years (especially those of you who had to live through my awful attempts to sing their stuff!) so it was brilliant to get to see them live now.

The support band was a bit weird – A Human. The drummer and keyboard/backing vocalist were good musicians but the frontman was like something straight out of some early 90s band. He looked, sounded and danced as if he wanted to be in The Wonderstuff/Ned’s Atomic Dustbin/Sultans etc etc. He even did a really awful Brett Anderson impression for a whole song.

Hope to see you all on Saturday! Do come and say hello – (mine’s a vodka & diet pepsi).


Give Tits A Chance

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

My next gig is very exciting! I’ve been invited to play at famed charity fundraiser Lexapalooza’s extra special event Lexapalooza Lite on 10th October at The Flowerpot in North London.

There are no advance tickets and no guest list – just a suggested donation of £3 on the door. All proceeds from the day go to the charity Breast Cancer Campaign.

As you can see the lineup is amazing…

The line-up for this essential event (in alphabetical order): the angelic electro quirkiness of Anna Madeleine; upcoming singer/songwriter B-Sydes; satirical yet catchy pop from the legendary Beans On Toast; the soulful sounds of Ben Marwood; psychedelic folk/rock of Chris T-T; INME’s guitarist/ vocalist turned solo artist Dave McPherson; the delicate folk of Emily Barker; Scottish crooner Mark McCabe; the gypsy folk powerhouse Sanjuro; and acoustic Hip-Hop from one of London’s best kept secrets The Leano.

There are more acts to be announced including a very special guest to be announced.


Sunday, August 16th, 2009

On Monday 10th August I played Blang! at London’s infamous 12 Bar Club. I was blown away by the response. For those of you who couldn’t be there, why not?!! But here are some clips of the night. Enjoy. x

Blang @ 12 Bar Club

Monday, August 10th, 2009

I’m playing tonight at the Blang night at 12 bar on Denmark Street and I’m mega excited. It should be a really good gig. I’m playing a couple of tracks I haven’t played live before and I’m also looking forward to hearing Kinkajou, Sergeant Buzfuz and a late set from Steve Espinola.

What they say about me: “Playful biotechfolkmusik that time-travels in a hollow tube between nursery room pianos, hologram vocals and Warped atmospherics.” I quite like that description!


My next wish is that I’ll get to take my robot music on the road.

in training

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

My Facebook page is looking a bit forlorn as it doesn’t have an official URL yet. Any of you lovely people who are on Facebook (yes you are, admit it) can become a fan and help the cause. I only need 100 fans to get the new name.

This week I have started getting back in training for the gigs and stuff ahead. My next one is at the Blang night at 12 bar on Denmark Street on 10th August and I’m really very excited!

The venue is pretty special to me; when I first moved to London I went there whenever I didn’t have anything to do and checked out randomly whatever was on. Sometimes it would be something dreadful and sometimes it would be something really quite magical and definitely gave me the opportunity to see some new acts I’d never have heard about otherwise. [I even had my only ever blind date there]