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Harper & Thorne

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

sb4bNearly at the end of ‘non-alcoholic week’ which is being extended way beyond a week, much to my disappointment. Things I have learnt this week include:

  • Despite all else, it will most likely be my sweet-tooth that kills me
  • Never leave home without your notebook and pen
  • Double spaces after full stops is wrong (am now only halfway through editing my old posts to correct them)
  • Boys are sometimes lovely and sometimes annoying
  • The Wire is the best TV show that has ever been made (life-changing)

Then last night I went to The Curzon Soho to see a special screening and Q & A of The Scouting Book For Boys

I have been looking forward to seeing this film since I first heard about it over a year ago, while in a pub in North London. It is a British labour-of-love film written by Jack Thorne and directed by Tom Harper. The feature itself is awe-inspiring, beautiful and stays with you long after you leave the cinema.

Usually, I don’t like reading anything written about a film I really want to see, to watch it as fresh as possible first time. It was very difficult with Scouting Book as it has had such high acclaim already and is all over the press, having been previewed at festivals and nominated for awards. Luckily and through perseverence, I basically managed it. I hadn’t even seen the trailer.

I urge you all to go, preferably without any prior research. In respect of this, I am not going to blog about the film itself other than to say two things:

  1. Tom’s decision to shoot it on film (which he had to fight for) was right, it does add a nostalgic feel to the look, though set in modern times, and it echoes of childhood holidays and long summers.
  2. The sound production is beautiful, the music soundtrack by Noah & The Whale fits perfectly but what really blew me away was the use of sound dynamics, effects and silence to build the story and complete the film experience.

It really is an amazing piece of work.

Tom and Jack are both incredible talents. They each have a way of connecting with their inner teenagers (particularly Jack through his writing). Individually, this connection with and ability to communicate the teenage coming-of-age experience has been well documented and they are both probably sick of being asked questions about it!

This project, the first feature length film for each of them, was at least 5 years in development with the whole creative team involved together very early in the process. The two lead actors are exceptional. Everyone’s care and commitment to telling the story and to the visuals are clear from the end product.

In the interest of full disclosure: I’ve known Tom since we were teenagers, 13 to be precise. He has been one of my very favourite people in the world since then. He is a wonderful friend and his skill as a director shows powerfully throughout all of his work. Tom, you ain’t half good at your job mate!

Jack is equally amazing, his writing is real and his characters have development and shape. He is a great storyteller without patronising the audience. I can’t say too much about his writing without talking about the film itself but his construction of characters and plotlines is truly inspiring.

Love you guys! Can’t wait to see what you both work on next.